Rules and




Vendor Fees:

 Annual Membership Fee: $25

Stall Fees:                                                     

Full Season   $2.50/foot frontage (17-21 weeks) (guaranteed same location)

Half Season (minimum 10 weeks, scheduled in advance) $3.00/foot frontage

Weekly    $4.00/foot frontage 

Full Season & Half Season Rate must be paid in two installments: 1/2 on or before May 15, and 1/2 on or before July 14. Full Season Vendors are guaranteed the same location for the season. 

Weekly Rate must be paid each week before the end of that market day. 

***NEW*** ‘Seniors Discount’applies to all vendors over 70, ½rate memberships and $0.50 per foot table fee reduction.

Kids 14 and under, free membership and $5/wk table fee. Ask manager for details!


Standard Stall Sizes:

            8’frontage x 8.5’deep (inside main hall along north and south walls)

            6’frontage x 5.5’deep (inside along centre of main hall)

            6’frontage x 7’deep (outside under overhang on parking lot side).  

            8’frontage x 7’deep (outside under awing on riverside)

           16’frontage kiosk


The Market Manager reserves the right to make the final assignment of the stalls.  The Market Manager reserves the right to reject or refuse any vendor.


*******Village Noel*******

For Full Time and Half Time vendors, if you wish to participate in the Village Noel Market, fees are due by Aug 18 at your current rate per foot  (to a maximum of your regular season footage and subject to availability)  If you wish to wait until closer to the event, space will be offered at the regular vendor rate of 4/ft and will be on a first come first serve basis. 

For weekly vendors, fees will be due on Aug 18 at a rate of $4/ft and will be offered on a first come first serve basis after Aug 18. Preference will be given to vendors who have committed, attended and paid for 5 regular season markets.

Booth locations and sizes will vary from the regular market season.