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Riverside Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations

If you have any any questions or comments please contact us. 

1. To be a vendor during the regular market season, an annual membership ($35.00) to the

     Riverside Farmers’ Market Association must be purchased.

a) Vendors must provide market sales figures which will be collected anonymously, weekly. Each vendor will be provided with a tracking sheet, with their welcome package.

b) Contribution to the weekly door prize will be collected from each vendor weekly. The item is to have a suggested value of $3-5. Craft vendors may if they wish to contribute less frequently due to the higher dollar value of their products. No gift cards or credits are accepted as door prizes. Please have door prizes ready by 8:15 am. and mark your name off the list provided.

c) Vendors are asked to unload/load their vehicles as quickly as possible and to move them promptly to allow other vendors to unload/load. Vendors' vehicles must be removed from the front parking area no later than 7:45 am.

2. Each stall will be supplied with one 6’ table.  Additional tables will be available on a week-to-week basis so if an additional table is needed, arrive early or bring your own.

3. If you are scheduled to attend the market and are unable to attend, you must notify the market manager personally (email, phone, Facebook message) by 7 am. If notification is not provided, your stall location will not be guaranteed for future weeks.

4. Each full-time market vendor will have a small responsibility each week to contribute to the set or takedown of the market. If you are unable to attend please have another vendor or representative complete your task. These tasks will be made available in the first week of the market and sign-up will take place at that time. If you would like to opt out of duty,  please discuss alternative options with the board.

5. Vendors may sell grown shrubs, flowers, grains, fruits, vegetables, maple syrup, honey, baked goods, jams, jellies, pickles, preserves, herbs, herbs, arts & crafts.


6. Vendors may sell fresh, frozen, or processed meats, cheese, eggs, or other perishable products upon approval of the Board of Directors. Vendors must ensure that the standards of the Temiskaming Health Unit are adhered to.

7. Vendors of baked goods must have their goods covered or wrapped. Handling of individual items must be done so using tongs, lifters, or gloves.

8. Vendors of fruits and vegetables, honey, eggs must ensure proper signage, grading, and unit pricing of products as per MAFRA guidelines.

9. Vendors selling canned goods must comply with the Government of Canada Home Canning Safety guidelines. Canned goods will require a label indicating the date of canning. New lids must be used and lids must be free of rust or visible damage for goods to be sold at the Riverside Farmers Market. 

10. Produce from other areas of Ontario can only be offered for sale when a locally grown supply is not available and only if special permission of the Board of Directors for each product prior to importing. Such a product must be clearly labeled as being NON-LOCAL. Imported produce cannot be offered for sale. Local is defined as north to Matheson south to North Bay, east to Velleterre, and west to Shining Tree within a 15o km Radius of Temiskaming Shores. Vendors selling only local products are encouraged to clearly advertise this fact.

11. Stalls for full-time vendors will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, starting on May 15, as applications and installment fees are received. Please indicate if electricity is required, as we will allocate spaces accordingly.

12. Vendors shall be responsible for the set-up and take-down of their own sale items and tables. All Vendors are to stay in attendance during market hours. The breakdown is not permitted until after regular market hours unless the vendor is sold out. Each area must be vacated and left in its original condition by 12:30 pm. on market day.

13. Vendors have the right to sub-lease, sell or transfer their market space to a maximum of $4.00/ft.  Subletting can only be done between approved market vendors and must be coordinated and payment exchanged between vendors. Outdoor vendors will be allowed the opportunity to move indoors during inclement weather, provided space is available, on a first come first serve basis. If stall space indoors is larger than space prepaid outdoors, additional fees will apply. If the space indoors is belonging to a full-time vendor who is absent, subletting fees may apply if requested by the stall owner.

14. Each vendor shall keep his market space free from refuse during market hours. Empty containers and equipment shall be kept in an orderly manner and confined to his market space.

15. Each vendor shall remain in his market stall or space when selling his products. Sales shall be conducted in an orderly business manner. No shouting or other objectionable means of soliciting trade shall be tolerated.

16. Vendors are to refrain from selling to customers prior to the commencement of Market opening at 8:00 a.m. as signaled by the ringing of the market bell and closing of the large doors. A sign will be posted to that effect.

17. All persons selling at the market agree to abide by the above rules and regulations.

18. The above rules are to be enforced by the Board of Directors who are responsible for the management and advertising of the market.

19. The Riverside Farmers’ Market shall carry liability insurance on the market area to protect the vendor members individually and the Board of Directors for their actions on behalf of the Ontario Farmers Market Association.

20. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to authorize who may be a vendor and what products may be sold. The Directors reserve the right to cancel the privileges of any member at any time, who, in the opinion of the majority of the Directors, has willfully violated the rules & regulations governing the market.

21. Members of the Board of Directors who must travel more than 30 kilometers round trip for a Board of Director’s meeting will be reimbursed $0.25 for each km. over 30 km.

22. The Board of directors will be responsible for the hiring and supervision of the Market Manager whose duties shall be to:

*Open doors to the building for ‘opening of hours of operation’ and ensure security at ‘ends of hours of operation’.

*Ensure the building is left in an acceptable condition and inform the board of issues in this regard.

*Collect weekly and seasonal fees when due, and vendor information forms.

*Ensure that all vendors are paid up and receive welcome packages.

*Ensure all vendors' weekly duties are completed in a timely fashion and report any ongoing concerns to the board. 

*Be available to the vendors and the public to provide assistance or information during regular market hours.

*Record vendor and sales statistics, and prepare a weekly balance sheet and bank deposit.

*Supervise door prize draw and ensure the basket is ready for the winner.

*Co-ordinate and allocate tables and/or spaces for the Market.

*Collect information on product availability for the next market.

*Attend meetings as requested by the Board of Directors or President.

*Respond to emails and phone calls throughout the week.

*Coordinate the kid's activities as instructed by the Board of Directors or President.

*Provide season-end summaries and statistics.

*And in general, supervise the Market operations, enforce rules and regulations, and/or report violations of such.

*The Market Manager shall be responsible to the Board of Directors.

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