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Our Vendors.....

 ~Judith Visser ~ 

Paintings by Nora Visser


~ Darlene Tuchon~


3K Kraft's ~ Laura May Keatings ~

Laura Mae Keatings_edited.jpg

"Homemade sewing, crafts & woodworking" 

Solar Poles, Quilts, Placemats, Aprons, small crafts, birdhouses, micro bowls, pillowcases

Ann's Sewing Corner ~ Ann Grant ~

Ann's fresh baked bread, butter tarts and more goodies….irresistible!  

Jams and selection of sewing items are a perfect gift for yourself, family or friends!

~ Monty Wookie~

Wood working

Bonnie's Brushworks ~ Bonnie Tickner ~

A self-taught northern artist from Kirkland Lake. Unique nature palettes such as fungus, leaves, birch bark, slate, moose horn, wood & canvas for my paintings of wildlife and pet portraits.  See Bonnie's Bushworks on Facebook


Singing Highland Acres ~ Dan Hopkins ~

Dan Hopkins Maple Syrup.jpg

Maple products, Highland Beef, Furs, and now ACME Agriculture & Food Flax Oil

Cooks Haven ~ Jennifer Cook ~ 


 Breault Stock Farm ~ Nancy & Alain ~

breaults stock farm.jpg
breault cute cow.jpg

"Pasture-raised chicken, quality fed beef, finished with grain grown on our own farm, no hormones or steroids, no therapeutic

antibiotics, humane animal treatment, government inspected and approved meat processing"

117411 Sales Barn Road ~ New Liskeard, Ontario




Blue Ribbon Delicacies ~ Sheryl Peters ~


Locally baked in Englehart. We sell bread, sticky buns, pies, butter tarts, squares, cookies; the frozen desserts also add a delicate sweetness to your meal.

Polar Berries Inc ~ Graham Gambles ~

Polar Berries Inc aims to introduce the public to the Haskap fruit and its preserves.

~ Garden Lake Greens ~


Microgreens contain critical vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and protein. So super boost your salads, sandwiches, stews, soups, and more!

We take care of our microgreens in that they are grown sustainably with organic practices in mind. We enjoy sharing this with our Community not as a luxury but as an affordable, healthy product.

Garden Queen ~ Danielle Keddy ~


Essentially Northern ~ Shannon Landry ~


All Natural Aromatherapy soy wax candles made with Essential oil blends. Hand-poured in re-purposed containers.  No artificial fragrances, Non-toxic, clean burning & chemical-free. We also offer homemade all-natural deodorant & lip balms in bio-degradable containers, face serum and body scrub






Garden Pleasures ~ Bev & Ross Brubacher ~

Our Produce and our meats are grown on our farm on Uno Park Road. Our farm is open during the month of July to pick your own Strawberries. In 2020 we started with homemade freezer meals made from scratch with our meats and Produce. Made with love for your enjoyment. 


Janey's Junction ~ Sara Jane ~

All of my baking is made from scratch at my store in Thornloe.  

Fresh-baked white and brown bread, other baking.

Janey's Junction - kitchen_edited.jpg

Northern Fields  ~ Diana lerante Tracey~

Northern fields was born with the idea of combining Diana's history in manufacturing and her passion for agriculture. The Long term goal of Northern fields is to provide consumers a holistic approach to healing the body naturally with the use of herbs grown right from the rich soils of Northern Ontario.  


Affordable Fruits ~ Michael Janzen ~


We specialize in supplying the freshest fruit possible and a variety of jams, jellies etc.. made with the same fruit.

Sunshine & Shade Greenhouse

Sunshine and Shade Greenhouse.jpg

Local plants grown with the TLC only a small greenhouse can provide. A great variety of exciting plants for your flower beds and gardens. Baskets and planters and pots to fit your style.

Shalom Farm ~ Solomon Housser ~

Vegetables and preserves made from our own chemical-free produce.

Shalom Farms_edited.jpg

Knits by Nancy ~ Nancy Frey ~


Hand-knit shawls, hats,

and other accessories.




Moose Creek Creations ~ Karen Peckover ~

Handcrafted candles that when burnt, make your home smell wonderful. The candle lasts a long time and are good value for the money


Dots & Dabbles ~ Monique & Louise ~ 

Dots & Dabbles.jpg

Two women who have known each other for several years have decided to embark on a joint venture... North meets South. Locally designed crafts from both Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario, a passion turned into a small business journey. Dots & Dabbles showcases a wide range of crafts for sale from magnets and pendants to glassware and wooden stools. The possibilities are endless! Monique and Louise also welcome custom orders. See something you like? Send them a message!



~ Janet Davidson ~

Homemade canning of jams, jellies, relishes and pickles


Reflections in Stone ~ Helen Jennings ~

I make pebble art, that like a child's imagination, is creative while remaining subtle. These beautiful pieces can tell any story. As gifts, they can send any message. One of my greatest joys lies in making custom pieces, hearing storie,s and sharing moment with my customers


northern__macrame ~ Rhiannah Pinkerton ~


One of a kind, hand-crafted macrame decor desirable for an environmentally conscious individual. Made with 100% recycled cotton cord, hemp twine, wooden beads, and rings and personally sourced local driftwood, willow, birch, and poplar. Packaged with intention, using environmentally friendly goods. 



Etsy Shop

~ Diane Menard ~

I make knitted wool thrum mitts, knitted cotton kitchen towels and dish cloths, phentex slippers, hand embroidered cotton tea towels and various other hand crafted items.

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